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    touchMATRIX系列數字顯示儀表 IX350

    名稱: touchMATRIX系列數字顯示儀表  IX350

    編號: IX350

    品牌: motrona


    By default the display devices of the touchMATRIX series provide a 186 x 64 pixel graphic display. Therefore plaintext, symbols and units can be displayed in a variable way. The LED-backlight display enables the graphic representation in the colors red, green and yellow. Due to the intuitive parameterization these colour variations simply can be used event-dependent (e. g. in case of limit values). Maximum flexibility in connectivity and application is proven by arbitrarily combinable, modular configuration with analog output, switching outputs, relay, serial interface (Modbus) and 115 / 230 VAC. With the resistive touch panel and IP65 the touchMATRIX displays are ideal for use in the food industry.

    • ● SSI input up to 1 MHz / 3 control inputs

    • ● operational mode as master or slave

    • ● single- and multiturn encoder (13 … 32 Bit)

    • ● linearization with 24 set points

    • ● bit blanking,scaling,etc.

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