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    QTR-A-160 SERIES
    • 名稱: QTR-A-78 SERIES
    • 編號: QTR-A-78
    • 品牌: TECNOTION

    Peak 9.3 - 91.6Nm
    Continious 4.1 - 36.3Nm

    The QTR-A-160 series is the largest in diameter of the medium QTR motor range. The smallest motor measures just 17 mm in height, the largest motor excels with a 58.3 Nm peak torque.

    Power and size make that the QTR-160 Series motors can often replace large factory machinery. They are the best choice when implementing factory automation to the fullest.

    The build heights are: QTR-A-160-17 // QTR-A-160-25 // QTR-A-160-34 // QTR-A-160-60

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