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    關于微敏ABOUT US


    We has been intensively dedicated to "Motion Engineering" to serve OEMs since the inception of our company. We deliver customers precision and motion performance.

    Count on us to be your partner for motion control needs, our mission is to offer engineering expertise, customer service and key components for all your motion requirements. Every product produced or represented by us is supported by competent Sales and Support Engineers to ensure optimum integration into your systems.

    We constantly look for advanced technologies of motion control, bridge the high technologies to our customers to stay in the forefront in the market. We listen carefully to your requirements, assist you in properly selecting and sizing components; other than products, we bring forth consultation for better solution, shorter time-to-market, and cost effectiveness.


    Create Values for the Customers

    Construct Virtuous Knowledge, Virtuous Conscience and Virtuous Ability for the Company

    Contribute a Platform for growth to Colleagues

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